Always fast, never
limited internet

 Whether you want the 100 mbsp service or our full throttle Gig plan, both options are always fast and never limited.

Up to 1 gigabit speeds

Connect to the web 100 times faster than the average household with our 1 Gig data plan. This speed provides unlimited capabilities to stream movies, game without glitches, video chat without interruption, and so much more.

Secured Infrastructure

tru Fiber's network is monitored and secured to ensure that your internet connection remains solid. What good is the speed of light if it doesn't go anywhere? With Tru Fiber you don't have to worry about losing the connection.

No data caps

With a tru Fiber connection, a bigger pipe means less compression. Our network has the bandwidth to bring you HD in all its glory without ever having to throttle down and restrict bandwidth, or cap the amount of data used..

Don't break the bank

Get a 100 mbps speed connection for only $54.99/month. Or go 10 times faster than that with a 1 gig (1,000mbps) speed connection for only $74.99/month. No long term contract required. Month to month terms make it a no brainer. Go ahead and give us a try. PLUS, the installation fee is waived if you sign up while your neighborhood is getting built out.

Experience Extraordinary

Use the simulator below to catch the vision and see how tru Fiber is up to 100 times faster than the areas average “high-speed” internet.

100 MB
400 MB
3000 MB
tru Fiber (1000Mbps)
Basic Cable (25Mbps)
DSL (6Mbps)

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Neighborhoods With tru Fiber

Tru Fiber is excited to be the first true Fiber Optic internet provider by bringing dedicated lines to residential neighborhoods in southeastern Idaho. While we continue to build out our network, we encourage you and your neighbors to voice your interest in bringing ultra high-speed internet to your neighborhood. The higher the demand the easier it is to build out the infrastructure that is always fast and never limited.

What Our Customers Have To Say
"Awesome service, tech is always available if there are any problems (which is very rare), great pricing and awesome speed. These guys knock it out of the park, I hope they replace all of the terrible other providers in town."

Lee Barlow
Satisfied Customer
"We have loved having Trufiber. We switched from cable one where we had multiple issues. Since switching, we haven’t had a single issue and the speed is lightening fast. We are moving to Boise and we were disappointed when we leaned Trufiber doesn’t service the treasure valley. We will miss you!"
Randi Scott
Satisfied Customer
The install crew was The Best! After installation every landscape stone was in it’s proper place and you couldn’t even tell an underground installation had occurred! (Trust me, this install crew treated my yard like it was their own—absolutely the best —unbelievable professional and polite,) Don’t wait do the Tru Fiber change if available in your area!
Satisfied Customer
"Quick and easy install. Reliable and fast. Biggest and best part is my bill is what I was quoted and hasn't gone up."

Jayson Geisler
Satisfied Customer

Stream HD Video Like Never Before

Watch HD video and stream Netflix nearly instantaneously. No buffering, no glitches or interruptions during primetime viewing.

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