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Fiber Service

At tru Fiber we believe in offering the best internet experience possible. If we are successful at that then there is no reason to lock anyone into a long-term agreement or hold a contract over your head. It's that simple.

With tru Fiber's dedicated connections your speed is the fastest possible. However other factors, such as the type of router you use and whether your device is directly connected to the router via ethernet, or over WiFi, still dictate what your true speed is. You can always run a speed test to find that out

The beauty of a fiber network is that is is far more reliable than other ISP networks. Primarily this is due to its independent infrastructure and the durability of the fiber lines themselves. Our networks have proven to have a 99% uptime.

Unlike cable, and other ISP's, tru Fiber offers a dedicated Fiber To The Home (FTTH) connection. This means you don't share your bandwidth with anyone outside the walls of your own home. So when all your neighbors are streaming Duck Dynasty and Gilmore Girls, you can be rest assured that your speeds are not affected in any way.

Installation Process

We're so excited to be offering such an excellent product and service that right now we are offering FREE installation to anyone requesting tru Fiber internet while their neighborhood network is being built out. If your neighborhood hasn't been installed yet, you can pre-order here. Or, if you're not sure if your neighborhood has already been installed or not feel free to contact us for details.

The installation process is fairly simple really. It can be broken down into 3 major steps.

  • Install trunk lines (main lines) in the street using public utility easements/access.
  • Install dedicated line from street to the home via small underground conduit.
  • Activate in-home network with router, and connect devices

That's it! Not overly complicated, but it does take a little time to install the trunk lines. 


More Details Here

Because each home has a dedicated line on a completely independent network from other utilities, every home needs its own line. This is a minimally invasive process where a small 1-inch conduit runs underground from the street to the outside of the home. It is similar to running a short sprinkler system line.

What's In The Fine Print?

What you see is what you get? The only monthly fee is the flat fee you are quoted when you sign up there are 4 options as follows:

  • 100 Mbps without managed WiFi router - $54.99/mo.
  • 100 Mbps with managed WiFi router - $63.98/mo.
  • 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) without managed WiFi router - $74.99/mo.
  • 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) with managed WiFi router - $83.98/mo.

There are NO additional surcharges or taxes. This is all-inclusive pricing.


It is not required that you provide your own router. We have a managed WiFi router service option available for $9.99/mo. This includes the router and the technical support and management of that router for a more reliable and secure network connection.

If you choose not to opt-in to the managed router service, you will need to supply your own router. Any router will work sufficiently, but do keep in mind that the quality of your router will have an effect on the actual internet connection speed at your individual devices.

Nothing! Crazy right? In a world where everyone seems to nickel and dime you, we make it simple and risk-free.

  • Get a free install while we build out your neighborhood
  • Avoid any long-term contract with a standard month to month service.
  • Pay for what you pick without additional fees.
  • Get reliability and added security with an optional managed router service
  • Cancel at anytime - as if you'll want to.

If there ever was a "no-brainer" kind of deal, this is it.

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