High Speed Internet with tru Fiber

High Speed Internet with Fiber

Getting Connected at the Speed of Light

Symmetric Speed
Some Cable companies set up download speed to be faster than upload speed because you are downloading more often. Not with tru Fiber. With fiber internet, upload and download speeds are symmetric, meaning they take the same amount of time. Tru Fiber gives you up to 1 gig of download speed and 1 gig of upload speed.
No Latency
With other internet services you will have latency, which are delays that occur while processing data over an internet connection. Fiber internet lowers your latency, particularly when downloading and uploading content.
high speed internet
Another reason why we are the best high speed internet option is because we don’t participate in bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth or speed throttling is when your internet provider intentionally lowers the speed that’s available over your internet connection. Some companies do this to decrease congestion over the network, or if you’ve reached a monthly threshold. With tru Fiber you don’t have to worry about data caps or bandwidth throttling.
1000 Mbps, symmetric speed, no data caps, and no speed throttling makes tru Fiber the best high speed internet option in southeast Idaho. We make sure your speed won’t slow down when a lot of devices are connected to your internet at once, making it possible for you to do more in less time.