How Does the Process Work?

Building a fiber optic internet network has it’s own unique challenges. But for our customers, the reward is well worth it. Hers is a quick overview of how we connect you to the world wide web faster and better. 

New Neighborhood Identified

Many factors go into this decision. We are always looking for new neighborhoods to service tru Fiber.

Network Design Process

Once a neighborhood has been selected, our engineers layout a network blueprint.

At 3-4 Weeks

Permitting Process

In order to build out the network, certain permission need to be obtained. This can take a few weeks depending on the jurisdiction. 

At 4-6 Weeks

Drill/Bore Underground/Run Conduit

700 ft.-1,000 ft. per day, per drill. Depending on the size, it could take 1-3 drills.

Set Handholes

Handholes are the in ground network connection boxes. Which provide utility access to the fiber lines.

Blow Fiber

Once conduit and handholes are set, the fiber optic lines are threaded through the conduit.

Residential Handholes

A smaller utility box is placed strategically between homes, which will give those houses access to the network.

Splice Lines into Main Fiber Line

Tying in fiber optic lines from residences to the main neighborhood trunk line.

Sign Up

When a new customer requests tru Fiber service, an install date is scheduled. Typically within 2 business days.


Fiber is run from the handhole to the house, a small media converter kit is placed on the outside, and the network is tied. Then your home is connected to the fiber network.

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