Reliable Internet with tru Fiber

Reliable Internet with Fiber

A Connection You Can Depend On

When we say that we provide reliable internet access, we are not only talking about the high speeds or the strength of our signal, but the high security and low maintenance work as well. Sometimes your signal is lost and needs to reconnect or it has a difficult time travelling far distances. We know how frustrating it is when your signal cuts out when you’re in the middle of streaming music, downloading a movie, or working on an important project. Tru Fiber internet rarely goes out and fiber only loses 3% of its original strength over 100 meters, compared to copper cabling that can lose up to 94% of its strength over the same distance.
Fiber optic cables are weather proof and water proof, providing you with reliable internet access. Old or worn copper cable can even be a fire hazard. The connection for fiber internet can only be disrupted by physically cutting the fibers, which causes the signal to disappear, making it impossible for hackers to tap.
Tru Fiber is one of the most reliable internet services. Unlike other internet providers, you don’t have to share your connection with anyone outside your home, making it much more secure.
Another major advantage to fiber internet is that it requires little to no maintenance. This is because the fiber cables are so strong they can withstand severe weather storms and human interference. Fiber optic cables are also immune to electromagnetic interferences that may be caused by operating heavy machinery close to the cables. Your service will rarely get interrupted because our networks are proven to have a 99% uptime.
With tru Fiber internet you don’t have to worry about your internet connection cutting out when you’re in the middle of something important. Your service will rarely be interrupted because the fiber cables are stronger than other types of cables. So don’t worry about the freezing cold winter temperatures or human or electromagnetic interference, because fiber optic cables can withstand it all.