What is Fiber?

High Speed Internet Option

Downloading photos, music, and videos can take a lot of time, time which you don’t want to spend sitting down waiting for it all to load. With traditional internet, you may spend from a few minutes to a few hours waiting for things to download, or deal with the frustrations of constant pauses and buffering. What if there were a quicker and easier way to watch and download photos, stream music, and watch videos? The good news is that there is and it is possible through fiber internet.





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What is Fiber?

So, what exactly is fiber internet?

Fiber internet is provided through use of fiber optics. Fiber optics and fiber optic communication is when strands of fibers transmit information elsewhere by sending light pulses through a fiber optic strand. Optical fiber is used as a means to send information and is used to transmit telephone signals, provide internet communication, and cable television signals.

Many consumers are stuck with slow internet speeds, high monthly costs, and data caps with no other options available. However, with fiber internet there is another option available, and it doesn’t involve any of these same issues.

How Fast is Fiber Internet?

So, just how fast is fiber internet?

Tru Fiber offers consumers gigabit fiber internet which is 1,000 Mbps of speed, which is 100 times faster than the U.S.
average broadband speed.

Quick Download of Photos, Music, and Videos

If you want to download photos, stream online music, watch HD TV, or do some online gaming, then fiber internet provides you with the best internet option possible.

Some of the possibilities available with fiber internet include being able to download images in a fraction of the time it would take if you were using basic cable or DSL. You won’t have to wait forever for images to download as it can take just sections to download hundreds of images.

Another time-saving benefit from fiber internet is being able to stream music quickly and without any pauses and buffering. You can listen to music in real time without any interruptions from a slow internet connection.

Love watching TV? How about watching all of your favorite shows in HD without the worry of the dreaded buffering sign in the middle of a climactic scene? All of this is possible with the highest speed of internet available through fiber internet.

If you are an online gamer, fiber internet can save the day by providing you with unlimited data, high bandwidth, and a reliable connection that won’t make you pause in the middle of a mission.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Choosing to go with fiber internet from Tru Fiber allows you to have unlimited data and bandwidth, without a data cap such as with other internet provider companies.

Some of the other benefits of fiber internet include it being reliable and weather-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the internet going down in a storm or other power outage.

Another benefit to fiber is that it is future proof, meaning that the fiber is upgraded through changing the electronics, verses having to change the entire cable itself. It also has a longer life than copper because it doesn’t corrode, doesn’t generate heat, and isn’t easily affected by water.

If you want to start having all of these benefits for yourself, Tru Fiber can help you out. Tru Fiber provides fiber internet to your home, allowing you to have the high internet speeds, and all the other benefits available, right in your own home! Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings, and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed internet access. Fiber to the home does not currently exist in eastern Idaho, however, as more and more people discover the speeds possible with fiber, you will want to have it installed in your home and neighborhood in order to begin enjoying the super high speeds and other benefits possible.
One of the ways to get fiber internet in your home is to talk to your neighbors and those who live near you to see if fiber internet is something your whole neighborhood would want installed. If you sign up for fiber while it is being installed in your area, you will also not have to pay an installation fee. Choosing fiber internet through Tru Fiber is also beneficial because there is no contract involved so you are not stuck with a six-month, or year-long contract, and instead can just pay month to month. If you are wanting fiber internet for your business, you can contact our sister company, Optix Internet, who can install it to meet your business needs.
Fiber internet offers you more connectivity, more reliability, more speed, and more affordability ... basically all you could ask for! In order to see if fiber internet is available for you, contact Tru Fiber today and discover all that is possible with this fast and beneficial internet option.